Gulshan Ghazali ⋅ Preschool 3

I grew up in Karachi Pakistan, and began my teaching career right after finishing high school in a small private school. While I was working at this school, I did my AMI Montessori training, as well as completed my Bachelor degree from Karachi University.

I taught for 17 years at a Montessori school in Pakistan. I came to the United States 28 years ago, where my husband, Mohammad, and I have raised our three sons. My first experience working in the United States was as a day care provider for five years, but I was hired as a teacher at Mansio soon after, and have been working here for over 18 years.

My sons are now both C.P.A’s, are married, and with my youngest son currently attending medical school.

In my free time I enjoy cooking, cleaning, organizing, taking walks with my husband, and gardening in the summertime. I have an absolute passion for teaching, which is why I am still working in this field, and enjoying it.

Preschool Program