Pictures from the Kindergarten Art Exhibit

Kindergarten Art Exhibit/ Special Thanks to Nicole Hummel!

                                                                  Tullia Pastorelle

                                                                     Lex Griffith

Will Hansberger.JPG

                                                                 Will Hansberger

                                                                   Sophia Burt

                                                                Charlotte Spicer

                                      Tullia Pastorelle, Charlotte Spicer and Sophia Burt

Parent Seminar- Wed. Feb. 26th

Date: Wed. February 26th

Time: 7 Pm

Place: Tincher's Home

Event: Wine & Cheese/ Appetizers

Dear Parents,

In the past years, we have learned that the most commonly attended seminar has been a casual get together for a question/ answer session over a glass of wine. The Tincher family has kindly offered their home to gather for this evening. Many of us are struggling with issues, questions & concerns about our children. Know that you are not alone, as many parents are dealing with similar questions and concerns. By coming together, we can benefit from many years of teachers' experiences, input from Janet, as well as success that you as a parent have had with a particular issue that could help another parent. Please take advantage of this casual atmosphere to express a concern or gain new wisdom. This is an adult only event.

Please RSVP to Pat Doyle at:

Thank you,


Mansio will be presenting at Batavia Preschool Fair- Nov. 4th

 Last year, Janet Shanahan, Amy Mackh and Nancy Belmont represented Mansio Mens and spoke with prospective families at the Batavia Preschool Fair on November 7th. Nancy's daughter Hannah demonstrated some Montessori works for the parents and children. They had good discussions with several families and  explained the Montessori materials and the philosophy.

  We could use your help this year on November 4th! It is always nice having current parents meet and talk with prospective families.