Extended Day & Kindergarten Program

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Kindergartners at Mansio Montessori bloom into confident, well-prepared children ready to go to the next level. They begin their day as part of the 3-6 preschool classroom with an emphasis during this time on age-appropriate works, and mentoring their younger peers. The resulting sense of mastery and maturity is an invaluable skill the children carry with them when they enter their 1st grade classroom in the upcoming year.

Their weeks also include weekly enrichment sessions in Spanish, Music, and Art.

After lunch, there is a special pull-out session with the extended day program where they work more in-depth with the kindergarten teacher and Montessori materials. This more teacher-directed program prepares them for a smooth transition to the next grade level.

Generally, there are a dozen students in this class, with a 1:6 ratio.


Terri Kraft
I have over 22 years experience in the 2-3 year old classroom environment, and have been at Mansio Montessori since 1996.

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Melanie Scawinski
I received my Montessori Certification for AMS for 3-6 year olds through MECA Seton, and I have been a Montessori Directress for over 12 years.

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