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How much experience does Mansio’s faculty have?
The faculty at Mansio Montessori has over 80 years of combined experience in the classroom. Our Director, and all faculty members, are also fully certified by the AMS, or an AMS-approved program. Each of our programs are also lead by two Montessori trained teachers, providing more one-on-one contact and individualized attention for your child. For further details, please refer to the Faculty section of our web site to learn more about each faculty member.

Is Mansio Montessori a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS)?
Yes! In addition to our state of Illinois education licensure, Mansio Montessori is also a full member of the American Montessori Society (AMS).

What is the turnover rate of faculty at Mansio Montessori?
We are incredibly proud of our seasoned staff! Our newest faculty member was hired over 8 years ago, and our most veteran faculty member is going over 20 years strong! This is a true testament to the dedication our faculty has to the children of Mansio, as well as their love of teaching, and the passion the Montessori method requires.

What is the learning environment like at Mansio Montessori?
We nurture the children of Mansio Montessori to become confident, and capable contributors to an ever changing world by providing activities that purposely develop their natural sense of wonder, motor and social skills, self-esteem and cognitive ability. Each of our programs follow Dr. Maria Montessori’s methods, all designed to help children develop a lifelong passion for learning, and strong self image.

Why does Mansio Montessori offer a Montessori program that begins at the young age of 15 months?
The Beginning Toddler and the 2-3 Toddler classrooms are both wonderful places to begin your child’s first steps towards building and developing their independence, confidence, and respect for their surrounding environment. Though traditional schools do not typically begin until the age of three, the Montessori method encourages to let children learn by doing what they are capable of, and this early encouragement will promote your child’s future successes of being a more confident, and empathetic learner. For further details, please refer to the Programs section of our website to learn more about each of the programs we offer.

Does Mansio Montessori offer flexibility in scheduling?
Yes, we absolutely do offer flexibility in scheduling! We empathize with the fact that every family’s needs will vary, including both the schedules of parents and children alike. For that very reason we offer multiple options for early drop off with our Before Care Program as early as 7:30 am, late pick up with our After Care Program as late as 6:00 pm, as well as flexibility for morning or afternoon, and half-day or full-day programs intertwined with our Beginning Toddler, 2-3 Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten classrooms. Simply reach out to Director, Janet Shanahan, for specific questions pertaining to your family’s needs.

Does Mansio Montessori offer a lunch program?
Yes! We have an organic lunch program that not only provides the students of Mansio Montessori with incredibly healthy meals, but also adheres to additional dietary alternatives for those requiring vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and various food allergy options.

What community building and events can a parent of Mansio Montessori look forward to?
Our school is an enriching environment for children in large part due to the families that make up Mansio! Between multiple Parent Night Out events, family socials, and our yearly fundraiser gala, participating in your child’s educational development is both rewarding, and fun, at Mansio!

Where is Mansio located?
The school is located in a quiet residential area in a warm neighborhood of downtown Geneva, with the added comforts and feels of a home-like environment. The different rooms of the school host the classrooms of the various programs offered, while our outdoor classroom environment, which consists of three separate playgrounds divided up by age appropriateness, provides ample space for the children to actively play, collaborate, and exercise in a comforting environment.

Didn’t Mansio Montessori go by another name?
Yes! Mansio Montessori was established in Geneva, Illinois in 1981, and was originally known as Mansio Mens Montessori. The name “Mansio Mens” is Latin for “a children’s house of learning”. With the constant evolution and improvement of our school over the last 35 years, the name of the school was rebranded, and is now known as Mansio Montessori of Geneva.

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