Get Ready for Fox Valley Giving Tuesday 2020 (December 1st)

December 3rd, 2020: An Update from Mansio

We cannot THANK YOU enough for helping make this #GivingTuesday a success! Because of your Generosity and Support, we exceeded our goal of $6,501 and you helped us with an amount of $8,360!! This will help us continue to sustain a safer Montessori learning environment.

With the purchase of air scrubbers, reducing toxic airborne contaminants, and industrial sterilization surface machine that kills the COVID virus on contact, we will be able to help keep our children safer during this pandemic.

    Thank You / THaNGk yoo: used to politely express gratitude at being given something, such as a gift, service. opportunity or compliment —

There are those special people within your inner circle of family, parents, and community, who deserve personal acknowledgement and appreciation.

We are really blessed with super terrific, supportive alumni, and for this, we  THANK YOU!”  — Janet Shanahan

Your dedication and understanding mean so much to us at Mansio Montessori of Geneva. We just want to say:

Get Ready for Fox Valley Giving Tuesday 2020

With December just around the corner, we are thrilled to watch as the countdown brings us closer to our annual fundraising event, Giving Tuesday 2020. To prepare you for the festivities ahead, we have provided a simple guide highlighting the purpose and importance of this event.

What Is Giving Tuesday?

This special event is a 24-hour online fundraising challenge for the state of Illinois entirely devoted to a day of giving. This event aims to bring together groups of people around a particular state or region for a specific cause, holiday, place of higher education, or any other large event. Well-rounded events like this allow us to bring awareness and support the needs of communities and organizations.

Giving Days are typically hosted by nonprofit partners like community foundations, United Way, or region-based or cause-based agencies for higher education organizations like schools, colleges or universities.

When Is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday will commence on Tuesday, December 1, 2020, beginning at 12:00am and ending at 11:59pm.  

Giving Tuesday 2020: Mansio Montessori’s Campaign

Mansio Montessori of Geneva is a small Montessori school, located in the Fox Valley area of Geneva, Illinois. We are the only Montessori school in our area serving children 15 months – six (6) years. We feel strongly about the early development of children and cherish natural inquisitiveness in children. We strive to enrich and advance children’s learning, beyond expectations, by fostering curiosity and individuality, through rich sensory experiences, and hand on exploring through a prepared environment. Mansio students gain foundational life skills, as well as essential skills for their future educational journey.  These include problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and the care of and appreciation of their environment. We believe, as Maria Montessori believed, “that children are not just empty vessels to be filled by a teacher’s knowledge, but that they are already filled with a sense of wonder and curiosity that needs only to be nurtured and inspired.”

Our goal at Mansio is to continue sustaining and inspiring a love for learning; cultivating a sense of creativity and appreciating the environment in which they live.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, as with many others, it has affected our Montessori environment greatly. Three of the greatest impacts has been the loss of community interaction (as we have known it), socialization development, and decreased connection with parents. Our classical Montessori learning style has been adapted to meet the children’s social-emotional needs as well as the academic piece. To provide a sense of normalcy, we are working hard to regain some stability, which comes through providing a consistent routine.  We are striving to help the children in learning connection with their teachers and encourage confidence building, despite having to wear a mask, in an abnormal environment.

This Giving Tuesday, we are asking you to join us in continuing a safe learning Montessori culture, by adding a ventilation system that reduces dangerous airborne contaminants and provides a cleaner healthier toxin-free environment. In spite of how this pandemic has disrupted the “normal” day of life, together, we can provide an environmentally safe space that continues to help develop respect for life and our surroundings, empathy, and joy for “lifelong learning”.

“…the child must be safeguarded in order that these activities may develop freely…making use of all that he finds around him, shapes himself for the future.”

                           –Marie Montessori


Purchases spray bottles for disinfectant


Will help us buy weekly laundry sanitation laundry supplies


Purchases gallon and individual size Hand Sanitizer


Goes toward purchasing air scrubber ventilation systems and sanitizing machines for sterilizing school surfaces to kill COVID germs