Get Ready for the #ILGive Campaign!

November 26, 2019

Get Ready for the #ILGive Campaign!

With December just around the corner, we are thrilled to watch as the countdown brings us closer to our annual fundraising event, ILGive. To prepare you for the festivities ahead, we provided a simple guide highlighting the purpose and importance of this event.

What Is Giving Day?

ILGive is a 24-hour online fundraising challenge for the state of Illinois entirely devoted to a day of giving. This event aims to bring together groups of people around a particular state or region for a specific cause, holiday, place of higher education, or any other large event. Well-rounded events like this allow us to bring awareness and support the needs of communities and organizations.

Giving Days are typically hosted by nonprofit partners like community foundations, United Way, or region-based or cause-based agencies for higher education organizations like schools, colleges or universities.

When Is Giving Day?

Giving Tuesday will commence on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, beginning at 12:00am and ending at 11:59pm.  

The Impact of ILGive 2018

“The child, making use of all that he finds around him, shapes himself for the future.”                                                — Maria Montessori

We are so grateful for your wonderful support to our STEAM Program for the children at Mansio Montessori.  Last year’s Giving Tuesday enabled us to purchase a huge amount of STEAM experiments in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math curriculum.  

ILGive 2019: Mansio Montessori’s Campaign

During the ILGive campaign for 2019, Mansio Montessori of Geneva is asking for your help with accomplishing our “Green Project” goal in raising $7,501. This year, our Giving Day focus will go towards providing, enhancing, and replacing items in the children’s outside environment. We believe that this year’s focus is in keeping with our Montessori preschool S.T.E.A.M. of encouraging the children’s sense of wonder, creativity, and curiosity. Your participation in the Giving Day will continue to foster:

  • Increased Community Awareness
  • Improved Supporter Engagement
  • New Donor Acquisition
  • Elevated Funds for the Year
  • Data Collection and Integration and a
  • Strengthened Sense of Collective Pride

At Mansio Montessori, our environment teaches the children valuable concepts that integrate with math, science and art. Below are a few of the elements we would like to develop and expand with your help.

Replacing a play structure in the children’s play area.

At Mansio, we believe that play structures are valuable concepts that integrate with S.T.E.A.M. education! Replacing a play structure in the children’s recreational zone will help our students engage in increased activity, decision making skills, and growth development. With your donation of any size, we will put it towards the $800+ budget to purchase a new play structure.

Replacing three trees that, unfortunately, have been lost.

A one-time donation of any selection helps provide us with the resources needed to replace our three trees in the children’s play area that engage the students in science, reconnecting children with the natural world. The trees that the children can see, smell, and touch teaches them about oxygen & air quality improvement, something we cannot live without.

As Mansio, we let the outdoors serve as another classroom. Education through experiencing the outside environment teaches the children about the real environment in which they live.

Acquiring additional gardening essentials.

The sense of wonder, curiosity, and accomplishment is evident on the children’s faces as they learn to take care of their environment. To share between five classrooms, we are also fundraising for seed bundles and other gardening tools to help the children learn how to take care of their outdoor environment. We would love to be able to have more wheelbarrows so that the children can transport soil and gardening tools.With your help, our goal is to be able to raise the funds to purchase two new wheelbarrows and other gardening essentials so more students can participate in our hands-on activities that further their development.

Together, we can provide our children with opportunities to engage in developing creativity, trying new ideas, and helping them learn to take care of and appreciate the environment around them. We look forward to your support at this year’s #ILGive campaign!