Kindergarten Class Organization: Top 10 Essentials

Kindergarten Class Organization

For teachers, there are many things that can make a kindergarten classroom run smoothly. One of the most important is organization. If you have a plan and know where to find everything, it will be easy to keep your classroom organized all year long. That’s why we put together this list of essential items for maintaining kindergarten class organization!

Kindergarten Class Organization: 10 Essentials to Always Have on Hand

When including essentials on school supply shopping lists for parents, some items are best left for the teacher to get so they can boost their organization plan. Ready to find out what they are? Below are ten helpful supplies that can make things easier on teachers as they navigate kindergarten class organization:

#1. Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are a great way to keep track of important information. Use the space on the bulletin board for things like: calendar days left in school year, events coming up next week/month, and other announcements or reminders you want students to see!

#2. A Set of Baskets or Caddies

When it comes to mastering kindergarten class organization, caddies and baskets will become your best friend. To boost your tidy efforts, label each bin with the category that it contains. This can apply to art supplies, papers, or even activity bins. Just be sure to have enough space between the rows so students can easily reach into them without knocking anything else over.

#3. White Vinegar

Organization doesn’t just apply to a well put-together room. In fact, an organized class helps you quickly tackle any messes or spills. Therefore, having a gallon of white vinegar on hand is perfect for wiping up any spills on the floor without subjecting students to harmful fumes or chemicals.

#4. Paper Towels

Paper towels are the perfect addition to your tidy supply. Great for wiping down tables and surfaces, accompanying drinks and snacks, and aiding in crafts and projects, we recommend stocking up on high-quality paper towels! 

Want to use eco-friendly alternatives to traditional paper towels? Consider bamboo paper towels or reusable microfiber towels!

#5. Separated Crayons, Markers, & Colored Pencils

With a whirlwind of projects, crafts, and free time, it’s essential to have an organized stash of coloring units. When organizing your coloring station, you can work with one of two principles:

  • One idea is to place crayons, markers, or colored pencils in separate containers for each color (e.g. a bucket of blue crayons, orange colored pencils, and green markers).
  • An alternative approach is to create smaller coloring bins that include several crayons/markers/colored pencils of each color for table groups to share.

#6. Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are a necessity for any kindergarten teacher. They’re cheap, easy to find in bulk, and create less mess than liquid glue! We recommend always keeping at least one box on hand because it’s something your students can use independently without having to ask you or another adult for help.

#7. Dry Erase Boards

A dry erase marker for each student or table group is widely considered as another must-have item in achieving kindergarten class organization! Perfect for group activities, cutting down on paper waste, practicing handwriting, or any other creative outlets, they’re inexpensive and easy to find at convenient stores like Target or Walmart (just make sure they are child safe).

#8. Gallon-Sized Ziploc Bags

Sometimes, accidents happen. If a student ends up with a wardrobe change during the day, you’ll need a waterproof way to store their soiled outfit. Gallon-sized Ziploc bags are a quick fix for this problem and are easy to store near the bathroom or sink!

#9. Two (or More) Copies of Your Emergency Contact List

This list will be critical in case you have an accident or illness and need to call an emergency contact for your student to be picked up from school.

But, why make copies of it?

Having two copies of your emergency contact list is helpful to have on hand for easy access and as a safeguard. Tape one copy near the classroom door and the other should be on or stored in your teacher’s desk.

#10. A Large Trash Can with a Lid

This will be invaluable for when your students are working in the art area. You’ll need to make sure that what they’re making doesn’t become scattered around the room or school. A large garbage container with a top should be stored next to the classroom door so you don’t have to go far to throw away craft scraps, used paper towels, or anything else.

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