Montessori Preschool in West Chicago

Montessori Preschool in West Chicago IL

History, culture, and adventure all express the culture of West Chicago. As the city and suburbs offer much for you and your family, have you considered which school best caters to your child’s education and future? Is a Montessori preschool in West Chicago something you contemplated enrolling your child in? When deciding which Montessori preschool to partner with, there are five ways to see which one is best for you and your child. Read on to learn what they are!

Montessori Preschool in West Chicago: 5 Signs of A Great School

#1. Enhanced Sanitation for Healthy Environments

2020 was an impactful year that heightened the standards of cleanliness globally. As a result, it is imperative that the Montessori preschool in West Chicago that is right for you offers an enhanced sanitation procedure to bolster a clean and healthy environment. 

The most important care for preschoolers begins with implementing a healthy, clean, and creative learning environment. To do so, dedicated staff should deliver a consistent and reliable education that encourages children to engage in social and academic excellence while maintaining the most current health and safety guidelines recommended by the CDC for daycares and preschools.

#2. A Calm and Caring Learning Environment

The next way to determine which Montessori preschool is right for you is by assessing the classrooms. Do they offer a calm and caring learning environment that encourages imagination, creativity, and natural beauty?

The Montessori method extends beyond academia: it also embraces the beauty of natural elements and mindful authenticity. Therefore, explore both the indoor and outdoor learning environments, assessing the following three components:

A Calm Environment

Does the indoor classroom project a peaceful environment that allows your child to work quietly on individual projects, communicate calmly, and act with serene purposefulness as they move about the room? When exploring the outdoor play area, are there environments that encourage the exploration of nature?

A Balance of Natural Beauty and Sensory Stimulation

Montessori preschools focus on learning with all five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. Does the classroom include elements that safely cater to each of the five senses? Is the artwork purposeful? Are the activities sensory? Does the environment encourage learning through natural elements without over-stimulating your child?

An Inviting and Caring Community

Some children have more timid demeanors while others are ready to embrace the day. And that’s completely normal! As each child comes with his or her own personality, it is up to the teachers to ensure each student feels welcomed and cared for from day one. Do the teachers greet each child individually as they arrive for the day? Does the classroom encourage teamwork and working with one another respectfully?

#3. Upholding Montessori Standards and Ethics with Certified Staff

Authentic Montessori preschools hold specific certifications and memberships from organizations that are committed to upholding Montessori standards and ethics.

Therefore, consult with any Montessori school you might want to enroll your child in to see if they fulfill the following three credentials:

  • Experienced Montessori teachers: Authentic Montessori schools employ teachers who successfully completed rigorous training and earned their Montessori certification.
  • Authentic AMS membership: Roughly 25% of the schools claiming to be Montessori are actually members of The American Montessori Society (AMS), an institution that requires member schools to uphold the Montessori method.
  • Approved by the Board of Education: Verify that your local Board of Education oversees the Montessori preschool you’re considering.

#4. Personalized Curriculums Built Around Multi-Age Classrooms

Another element that helps determine which Montessori preschool in West Chicago is right for you is their application of both personalized curriculums and encouraging multi-age classrooms. Montessori preschool curriculums naturally implement a completely personalized approach, deeply contrasting traditional schooling. As a result, Montessori preschools can better detect individual strengths and weaknesses throughout a child’s early education.

Furthermore, multi-age classrooms offer a unique learning and leadership opportunities that encourage socialization and children teaching other children through hands-on, play-focused education. With this applied Montessori method, most graduates from preschool programs from Montessori learning centers excel in reading, math, development, and maturation, promoting self-regulation and social consciousness. Therefore, ask each Montessori preschool which measures they take to bolster both Montessori methods.

#5. Encouraged Montessori Consistency Outside the Classroom

If you are still contemplating which Montessori preschool in West Chicago is best for your family, consider how the school caters to consistency outside the classroom. Do the teachers encourage you and provide resources that help you apply Montessori learning outside the classroom? Do they offer any advice when you ask what small changes you can make at home that are consistent with what your child learns in school?

Successful Montessori learning bolsters the passion for a student’s educational excellency both inside and outside the classroom. As much as Montessori preschools enjoy educating students, they should love it even more, when families adopt the lifestyle at home and beyond!

Fortunately, many local Montessori schools are well acquainted with the charming culture of West Chicago. With many family-friendly establishments, including the Kline Creek Farm, Sonny Acres Farm, Cascade Drive-In, and Urban Air close by, there are countless activities both in and near West Chicago that can support Montessori components year-round.

Mansio Montessori: Nurturing the Montessori Method Since 1981

At Mansio Montessori of Geneva, we are committed to implementing Montessori principles and have invested in families among the West Chicago community and beyond since 1981. Our preschool program values the individual learning style and pace of each child. For parents who prioritize the same principles, we invite you to learn more about our approach and available Montessori preschool programs.

We desire to inspire a passion for learning within each child they can carry with them as they grow and mature throughout their academic careers. A child’s preschool years are a prime time to begin formulating habits they can carry with them from kindergarten into healthy, balanced adulthood.

West Chicago Montessori Preschool: Our Promise of Health and Safety as Your Children Learn

We understand the importance of keeping your children healthy and safe as they learn and develop their social skills. That’s why at Mansio, we guarantee our dedication to preparing your toddler’s development with optimal learning environments that stimulate educational development both at home and in school. By tailoring the educational experience to each child, we inspire our students with a passion for learning.

Furthermore, we regularly monitor the most current health and safety guidelines recommended by the CDC to create the safest learning environment for your little ones. If you wish to know more about the measures we take to defend our preschool classroom from the spread of COVID-19, we are happy to answer any questions!

To explore our preschool enrollment dates or learn more about our offered programs and what these may look like for your child, please contact us.