Our Geneva Montessori Preschool Program

Carefully tailored to the needs of preschool children, our thoughtful Montessori environment provides children between the ages of 3 and 6 with the tools they need to grow, develop a sense of self-efficacy, and progress to Kindergarten. Our goal is to foster learning while simultaneously helping children advocate for themselves and learn to navigate the physical, social, and emotional world around them. To do this, we build a Montessori preschool environment of nurture and love that children love coming to each day.

Montessori preschool program


Our Montessori preschool program focuses on entrenching the self-confidence and spirit of exploration that we begin developing in the toddler years. Our philosophy is that children learn through repetition of work and continue to engage with materials due to the internal rewards they feel from perseverance and success. By giving them continuous opportunities to research their interests and engage with new experiences, they learn more about the world as well as who they are.

Our preschool classroom is led by two teachers, with a small ratio of children to adults, so that each member of our community gets enough facetime with their role models. Our teachers work hand-in-hand with those in the other classrooms, creating a seamless educational experience that proceeds from the baby years into kindergarten – and generating values that children carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Our curriculum is built on longstanding and well-attested Montessori principles that prioritize age-appropriate skill development and confident investigation of the surrounding world. Our intellectually stimulating yet nurturing environment allows children to develop their mental faculties in a safe, child-led way, while simultaneously knowing there is a grownup who can help them whenever they need it.

Montessori education focuses on several key areas: mathematics, language, culture, sensory exploration, and everyday life skills. Our children are given tasks and tools that will help them develop every aspect of their being – cognitive, social, emotional, and physical. In this way, learning is inextricably intertwined with growing, and children experience a seamless relationship between themselves and their education. Consequently, every day is an opportunity to be their best and continue to grow.

Teachers are here to assist children as they engage in activities that stimulate them and nudge their creativity toward ever-greater learning strides. We expect a high degree of inner discipline, integrity, respect, kindness, and courtesy from all our children, of course remembering the limits that age places on personal and interpersonal development. Kindness is at the top of our list of virtues for teachers as well, helping create a safe space for children to be children. Their goal is to guide learners through novel and familiar activities in ways that help them interact appropriately with the environment and one another.

Some parents worry that Montessori isn’t for their child, and we always respect that a parent’s knowledge of their children is the greatest guide to what’s best for them. However, one of our highest priorities is creating a curriculum that is accessible to all learners, regardless of background, culture, previous experience, or neurodiversity. For this reason, our curriculum allows children to proceed at their own pace – all while building a sense of cooperation and community.


The Montessori atmosphere is one of mutual respect between child and adult. Children can only develop the internal feeling of success that is critical to their growth if they are given the autonomy to regulate their own lives and interests from the beginning. Our classroom atmosphere relies on self-correction as our main form of discipline, though we do reinforce healthy limits that keep each child and those around them safe. Wherever possible, we avoid interfering with children as they navigate their world, the better to allow them to develop those skills on their own.

Because our school serves children between the ages of 15 months and kindergarten, there is plenty of opportunity for children to interact with those older and younger. During the three years children spend in preschool, they have the chance to be mentored by older peers, then mentor younger ones in their turn. This offers long-term benefits such as confident leadership and the ability to work with others who have different viewpoints.

As dedicated educators, the staff who make up our Montessori preschool always prioritize an atmosphere of calm, safe, trustworthy learning. We believe that children are natural learners and that their job is to play, which is why our curriculum and learning tools all focus on enabling little people to explore their environments with joy and freedom. This allows them to become independent thinkers, which will serve them greatly in later life.

As stated, however, we know that children of this age have certain limits we must respect, which is why we step in when necessary to help resolve problems and foster quick, happy resolutions. This is critical to creating emotionally secure, socially adept, and compassionate members of society.

Learning Materials

Our approach to learning dictates that children must have environments well-prepared for play, which is their main interface with the world at this age. For that reason, we provide all the tools children need to learn at their own pace, incrementally adding social, emotional, mental, and physical skills to their lifelong toolkit.

Our learning resources include a wide variety of Montessori-approved materials, such as books, puzzles, and games. We offer appropriately sized furniture and cozy corners for curling up and reading or spending time with friends. Math manipulatives and counters make learning fun, while giving children the resources they need to develop their analytical thinking skills.

Overall, Mansio Montessori of Geneva is a bright bastion of learning and affection nestled in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. If you’re looking for a safe, nurturing, child-centric place for your preschooler to spend their days, you’ve found it. Please feel free to reach out with questions or to set up a tour today!