Our Geneva Montessori Toddler Programs

Mansio Montessori offers a robust Montessori toddler program designed to support your child’s growth and development. Our goal is to foster a love of learning, which will serve as a foundation for years of exploration of the world around them. The Montessori approach encourages a secure environment to foster confidence while providing a positive, loving space for your child to thrive in each day.

Montessori Toddler Program

Beginning Toddler

Our Montessori toddler beginning program focuses on children who are 15 to 24 months and has a focus of developing the foundation of independence and concentration. We provide your child with the ideal environment to support their early growth. Our early childhood toddler program has a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:5, ensuring ample support when your child needs it.


The beginning toddler program has a strong focus on the early emotional development of a child. We hope to foster a place where children and parents feel safe and the child develops independence for going about their work in a meaningful manner. To achieve this independence, we provide your child with the opportunity to take care of many of their own needs, including putting away their clothing and choosing the task they take on next. They also have the opportunity to clean up, prepare and enjoy a snack, and use the toilet with guided encouragement.

Our Montessori toddler beginning program supports the development of your child’s language by providing them with the vocabulary they need to express themselves. To do this, each staff member will model the proper use of language in all communication with each other and with children. A positive and encouraging environment focuses on providing your child with the tools they need to learn the proper names of the things they are doing within their environment.


Our young toddler program is a positive, welcoming space. Because so much of what we do has a hands-on focus, the classroom is filled with interesting manipulative materials to engage children in trying something new and exploring something more fully. The activities here focus on choosing meaningful, though sometimes challenging, work based on their interests and abilities. The child engages independently in areas that interest them while we provide support and encouragement.

Your child will receive uninterrupted blocks of work time to focus on the things they wish to pursue in a positive environment.

Learning Materials

Our staff follows the Montessori method. That means we observe the child and provide the proper materials for each person to allow them to learn and grow in their own way. The Montessori philosophy focuses on respect for the individual development of the child. This enables the learning process to come from within the child rather than from any type of external control. Our job is to provide the learning materials and tools needed to foster that process. Children are able to select an activity to engage in that they enjoy, perform it for as long as they want to do so (as long as it remains interesting enough), clean up after that activity, and then choose another work task. This is the Montessori philosophy on play, which has a strong focus on learning as well.

Toddler and Empathy Program


Our Montessori toddler program for children 2 to 3 years of age provides an encouraging, interactive, and positive space for them to work on self-care, which instills confidence and increases self-esteem. Our Montessori program focuses heavily on leading your child toward independence. As a parent, that allows you to know your child’s education foundation is developing in a way that fits their unique interests while also being rooted in developing strong independence. Our older toddler program has a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:8.


The curriculum for the older toddler program focuses on building on the Montessori philosophy in a positive way. This includes providing all of the tools your child needs to fully explore things that interest them. Children are able to choose a work that inspires them and have the tools to pursue it fully.

Our goal here is to continue to foster independence and emotional growth in your child. He or she will engage with staff using proper language to develop vocabulary. They also engage in activities that encourage proper movement to develop coordination.

We also observe your child throughout their development so that we can provide the proper materials and resources to support their independent growth.


The Montessori classroom feels much like home and far less like a traditional school. Here, you are not likely to see desks lined up and a teacher at the front of the room. In our toddler program, you’ll see a room that is divided into various workstations where children can move and learn as they would like to, based on what interests them. Children receive positive encouragement though they make their own work choices.

Learning Materials

The learning materials for our older toddler program encourage easy access to manipulatives of all types. The space fits their unique needs, with furniture that’s sized appropriately and areas where children can nestle in and read. The area is organized and easy to navigate but provides a wealth of opportunities to engage in something new or pursue something that interests them more fully.

Your child gains the ability to engage in the learning process fully at this age. That helps to facilitate their development of coordination, independence, and concentration. Your child has access to all of the learning materials to encourage this development.

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Empathy Program

Mansio offers a new social-emotional learning program to the students at the pre-school level. Knowing what empathy means is one thing; putting it into practice is another thing. In our weekly classes we talk about kindness, role-modeling altruism, and practicing teamwork which positively impacts character development. This program lays the foundation for these all-important empathy skills by providing  students  with opportunities to identify  individuals who demonstrate kindness, empathy, and emotional literacy towards others. Please reach out!