Janet Shanahan

Community Development Director

I started my journey with Mansio Montessori in 1984 and played many roles at school, starting as a Montessori Directress for a 3 to 6 classroom, and then 25 years as Managing Director. I am transferring this role to our current Educational Director, Terri Kraft, who is now the new Head of School. I am choosing a semi-retirement role as Board Emeritus with a position of Community Development Director this June. I am interested in working in partnership with our Mansio families to assist them in building a peaceful and positive relationship with their children and help walk them through how to create the optimum home environment. I also hope to do more public speaking on the Montessori approach in the community at the high school and college level. With the Montessori knowledge I have gained, and my connection to the American Montessori Society and the Alliance of Montessori Schools, I am excited to be a supportive arm of the organization and our local community.

My Educational Background is a BS in Business Administration from Albany State University in New York. I am married to Neill with three beautiful children who were fortunate to experience the Mansio educational path. All three benefitted tremendously from this journey and developed true confidence to find their own path in life. I am fortunate to have 5 grandchildren under the age of 6.

I love flying to Denver and Ohio to spend time with our grandchildren. Also, I love to retreat to our lake house in the mountains of upstate New York and visit with the many members of our Irish clan on the east coast.