Yuriko “Yuri” Ferrell

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. My undergraduate major was in Physical Education, and because of my interest in physical health, I was a certified water safety instructor and provided swimming lessons to children ages 2-12 years old at a swimming club. During my experience with children, I realized that I wanted to always stay involved with teaching children in some capacity.

I came to the United Stated in 1992 with my three young sons and their father. I began working for Mansio in 1998 and feel fortunate to have worked in Montessori for over 20 years. In 2001, I began the training classes for 0-3 years old at Seton Montessori Institute that took 3 years to complete. I’ve been working as a lead teacher in Beginning Toddler class since 2001 and obtained credentials from the American Montessori Society in 2004.

When I have spare time, I enjoy creating things through various arts and crafts projects. I also enjoy cooking many different types of food.  More recently, I became a certified Zumba instructor in 2016 and enjoy the workout, music and the range of movement they provide. I am bilingual in Japanese and English.

Mansio Montessori has offered me so many benefits and I am so grateful for the quality of life that my career with Mansio has provided to me. So many children have gone through my class over the years, and I treasure the memories of each and every one of them. They keep me going and provide so much pleasure to my life.