What Age to Start Montessori Learning?

What Age to Start Montessori Learning?

When considering when to start Montessori learning for your child, you might have several questions:

What ages does Montessori focus on?

When is the best time to start Montessori learning for my child?

How can I prepare for Montessori at home?

We are here to help! In the content below, we discuss when to start Montessori, explore ages offered for Montessori programs, and reveal how parents can prepare at home.

What Ages Does Montessori Focus On?

Montessori extends far beyond preschool learning techniques that incorporate nature and critical thinking. In fact, Montessori encapsulates an education program from birth and into adulthood! To categorize each phase of Montessori learning, the Montessori method follows four planes of development.

The 4 Planes of Development

Plane #1: Early Childhood (Birth to Age 6)

In early childhood development, this Montessori plane focuses on:

  • Movement
  • Language, reading, and writing
  • Music
  • Building social relationships, respect, and manners

Plane #2: Childhood (Ages 6-12)

During childhood development, this second Montessori plane focuses on:

  • Geography
  • Identity and interconnectivity
  • Moral order and fairness
  • Problem-solving (educationally and relationally)

Plane #3: Adolescence (Ages 12-18)

During adolescence, this third Montessori development plane focuses on:

  • Enhanced critical thinking for complex scenarios
  • Exploring deeper moral and social values
  • Establishing a unique social identity
  • Expanding independence and control over life decisions

Plane #4: Young Adulthood (Ages 18-24)

During young adulthood, this final Montessori development plane focuses on:

  • Developing spiritual beliefs and solidifying morals
  • Exploring career paths and how to contribute to the world
  • Discovering passions and creating life goals
  • Practicing financial independence

When to Start Montessori

Wondering when to start Montessori learning for your child? You can begin at any time! Regardless of your child being 6 months or 6 years old, enrolling your child in a Montessori program can help bolster their learning experience.

As discussed above, the four planes of Montessori development focus on core learning objectives that set the stage for lifelong application. Therefore, we recommend practicing Montessori learning at home and starting Montessori schooling during the toddler years.

Academics are an influential part of lifelong learning both in and beyond the classroom. Therefore, starting young is greatly encouraged! In fact, studies show that early childhood education lays a great foundation for future learning. Enriching experiences in early years will promote and support healthy advancement for children as the brain further develops and progresses.

How Can I Prepare for Montessori at Home?

Preparing for Montessori learning by starting at home is a wonderful addition to your child’s education that creates a consistent learning approach and expectation. The Montessori method encourages creativity and learning through one’s own nature. Furthermore, remaining consistent in the Montessori method both at a Montessori school and in the home alleviates any confusion for the child of how and where to behave and learn.

What’s the best part? Montessori at home doesn’t have to be expensive! You can still effectively implement Montessori elements for your home without spending absurd amounts of money.

Five successful strategies for using the Montessori method at home that are free and easy to implement immediately include:

  • Simplifying your supply: Focus on minimalization and organization.
  • Rotate toys: Keep your child engaged with “new” toys every week!
  • Go beyond materials: Imagine with them and ask thought-provoking questions.
  • Encourage concentration: Limit screen time and practice working through complete processes.
  • Match pace with Montessori teachers: Adapt your home life to some Montessori lifestyles that your child will also see in the classroom.

Start Your Child’s Montessori Learning with Mansio

Although you can begin Montessori learning at any age, solidifying core Montessori methods during the first plane of development rewards great results.

At Mansio Montessori of Geneva, we are dedicated to fostering your child’s early childhood development with optimal learning environments that stimulate educational growth both at home and school. By tailoring the educational experience to each child, we inspire our students with a passion for learning.

If you want to learn more about our early childhood programs and when to start Montessori for your child, please contact us.

Mansio Montessori of Geneva, IL: Our Promise of Health and Safety

We understand the importance of keeping your children healthy and safe as they learn and develop their social skills. That’s why at Mansio Montessori, we guarantee our dedication to preparing your toddler’s development with optimal learning environments that stimulate educational development both at home and in school. By tailoring the educational experience to each child, we inspire our students with a passion for learning.

Furthermore, we regularly monitor the most current health and safety guidelines recommended by the CDC to create the safest learning environment for your little ones. If you wish to know more about the measures we take to defend our classrooms from the spread of COVID-19, we are happy to answer any questions!

To explore our preschool enrollment dates or learn more about our offered programs and what these may look like for your child, please contact us.