Day Care Costs and COVID-19

day care costs and covid

The year 2020 has brought unanticipated changes globally, affecting every protocol and day-to-day operation. Especially in terms of day care and school, the new school year is anything but normal. In addition to the social distancing adjustments and safe learning environments, are you wondering what else has changed as a direct result of the Coronavirus? Below, we explore what contributed to the rise of day care costs amidst COVID-19.

Have Day Care Costs Increased Due to COVID-19?

With the exponentially higher cleaning and safety standards implemented nationwide, there are far more steps in keeping your children safe and healthy while at daycare. As a result, CNBC reports that the cost of sending your child to daycare has increased an average of 47%. Specifically, when assessing the day care rates for the state of Illinois, we see the increases below:

  • Infant Day Care: 36% increase
  • Toddler Day Care: 35% increase
  • 3-Year-Old Preschool: 62% increase
  • 4-Year-Old Preschool: 53% increase
  • Family Child Care Home: 72% increase

What Impacts Day Care Costs?

It can be frustrating to see a sudden jump in childcare expenses, especially considering the Coronavirus. Why have the rates increased? What is impacting the cost? Here are a few reasons that may justify the sudden spike in day care costs.


The largest expense involved in childcare is the regular cost of paying staff. With the growing need to support the emotional and mental health of the children in care, many schools and daycare facilities are increasing access to mental health specialists to support children during the pandemic. This is especially important for children whose parent are working on the frontlines of the Coronavirus crisis.

Sanitation Supplies

We have all seen it. The aisles of empty shelves as shoppers search for cleaning and sanitation supplies. In addition to staffing expenses, daycare facilities must also increase their spending on sanitation supplies that stop the spread of germs to keep up with the federal health and safety guidelines and make sure your children stay healthy while in their learning environment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In addition to cleaning supplies, many daycare centers and schools must purchase and implement personal protective equipment (PPE) including desk partitions, disposable masks, and even gloves when applicable.

How to Cover the Rise in Day Care Costs

We know that childcare is essential for working families, even prior to the pandemic. Without it, parents cannot work and provide for their families. However, the rise in day care costs makes it difficult for some to manage.

If your family was financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be eligible for federal financial aid. In June, the state of Illinois declared their dedication of at least $270 million in federal aid to fund grants for childcare centers and providers who have lost revenue because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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