Daycare Benefits for Parents and Children

daycare benefits

“The most important period of life is not the university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to six. For that is the time when man’s intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed.” – Maria Montessori

For 40 years, we have created a home away from home for hundreds of young children in the Fox Valley community. For little ones as early as 15 months to ones ready to go to kindergarten, we have established an environment to help our students develop a myriad of unique traits and skills. During these crucial early years at Mansio, our students gain not only essential skills for their future educational journey such as reading, writing, and math, but other daycare benefits as well. Some of these benefits for students include being instilled with foundational life skills such as critical thinking and problem solving by exploring their environment through kinesthetic learning.

We know your children are precious, and we know there are a lot of questions and considerations you must think through when deciding if daycare is right for your child and your family. Our children are the future, and we know your love and care for them will ultimately lead you to make the best decision for them. We have compiled a list of some daycare benefits to consider as you make plans for your family. These benefits are not only for your little ones, but there are also some great perks for you as a parent if you choose daycare for your child.

5 Benefits of Daycare for Parents and Children

Schedules at School Lead to Structure at Home

As mentioned above, we provide an educational experience for your child from age 15 months through kindergarten. Each day at Mansio we guide our students in a daily routine rhythm. As the students become acquainted with the school structure and learn to understand their schedule, the consistent rhythm assists the child to prepare for the school day and week.

The structure and rhythm also benefit you as the parents because the hours of our daycare center are constant every day, every week, and every season. Little ones who are accustomed to routines at their daycare are likely to be more readily prepared to comply with a schedule when they arrive home.[1]

Safety for the Child

One daycare benefit that is simply paramount is the child safety standards required by law. Each quality daycare center will involve thorough pre-employment background checks and other necessary security measures to ensure a safe learning environment for the students and peace of mind for parents.[2]

You as a parent will also benefit from the assurance and peace of mind when your children attend quality daycare centers like Mansio which utilize strict child safety policies. Click here to see some of our safety protocols.

Social Development

Another great daycare benefit is that your child will be exposed to far more social development. Parents know how important it is for their little ones to learn to interact with other children.  Parents highly value the opportunities to find and schedule play dates whenever they can arrange them with other families, friends or neighbors who have children who are of a similar age. It can be very challenging to schedule play dates with a wide variety of children, and it may be more difficult still to find children with whom your child enjoys spending time. One great daycare benefit is that your child is guaranteed to have interactions with a variety of other children, the same age, but with diverse backgrounds. At Mansio, your child will be able to play and learn with several other students in a structured environment that is safe and educational. Children are given early lessons on how to solve problems, deal with social conflicts, share their toys, books, and time, and of course, play and learn together. Their little personalities are constantly being developed and strengthened through their time with other children and adults.[3] 

Social Benefit for Parents

Most people will automatically assume there are wonderful social benefits for children who are in daycare because it just makes sense that children will make friends and interact with others during their time at daycare. In a recent study, mothers were found to consistently benefit from the small, seemingly unimportant interactions that arise from their morning routine of dropping their children off at daycare. While helping their little ones take off their coats, and unpack their backpacks, the parents are speaking to each other, speaking to the daycare staff, and engaging with one another. This “social collateral” leads to positive outcomes emotionally, financially, and socially for the parents as well.[4]

Easier Transition into Kindergarten

Children who have the benefit of going to daycare will continue to receive those benefits as time marches on.  Naturally, a child may struggle with separation anxiety in the early days of their daycare experience.  In time, the fear or anxiety the child experiences in the early days of daycare will fade into a distant memory. As the child becomes accustomed to spending the day away from their parents in an environment that is healthy and safe, they will grow comfortable with the routine, and this benefits the child for years. The child is no longer alarmed by the separation from their loved ones, and the schedule of school is no longer scary and unknown.  The child learns to expect their morning routine, will be excited to see their friends, and learns to find they are safe and independent at school.[5]  You as parents will also experience a smoother transition into your child starting kindergarten as you are already accustomed to communicating with teachers, keeping up with schedules and events, and knowing what your child’s needs and behaviors are in the school setting.[6]

Is Mansio Montessori of Geneva right for you and your child?

We have taken a few moments to highlight just a few daycare benefits, but there are many more!

We know there is nothing more important to you than your child, and we are excited to see them develop and bloom into the promising individuals they are.  Click here to contact us with any questions. Click here to schedule a visit to learn more about our program.

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