What Age to Start My Child in Preschool?

what age to start preschool

As your children continue to grow and develop in their learning skills, an early childhood education is essential to boosting a child’s learning pattern. Are you transitioning from day care and want to have your child begin preschool? Have you considered enrolling your child in a Montessori preschool, but are wondering what age is preschool? Below, we will discuss the age range intended for a preschool education and explore if the intent behind preschool is to help children achieve certain milestones.

What Age is Preschool?

The typical age range for children who enroll in preschool is between ages 3-6. This is a pivotal phase as children will start to reach their full, educational potential. In this age range, children begin to create a positive self-image and continue growing in their curiosity and independence. Furthermore, children between ages 3-6 will also have the ability to try out new skills at their own pace.

Does Preschool Help Children Achieve Milestones?

Preschool offers benefits that last a lifetime, creating potential for high success in the future. Additionally, taking advantage of preschool learning helps promote your child’s healthy brain development, encourages socialization in a safe environment, and exposes them to both diversity and the value of differences. With this early education, the appropriate tools and technology specifically targeted for your child’s age will enhance their overall learning and retention.

Along with mental, physical, and social benefits, childhood education programs also deliver health benefits. Receiving quality care from early childhood programs allows a positive influence on your child’s learning and development. As a result, regular vision, hearing, and developmental screenings ensure that children are properly taken care of.

Benefits of Preschool and Early Childhood Education

An early childhood education provides benefits that last a lifetime, creating potential for high success in the future. Below are some examples of the ways in which preschool and early childhood education programs benefit your child:

  • Promotes brain development
  • Helps develop 21st century skills to prepare for future success
  • Encourages holistic development
  • Enhances learning by using age appropriate technology
  • Socializes in a safe environment
  • Teaches respect for people, belongings, and environment
  • Exposes your child to diversity & the value of differences

In addition to mental, physical, and social benefits, preschool programs deliver health benefits. Receiving quality care from preschools allows a positive influence on both learning and development. Furthermore, regular vision, hearing, and developmental screenings ensure that children are properly taken care of.

Is Your Child Ready to Start Preschool?

We understand that enrolling your child in preschool and where to go is a big decision to make. However, before deciding on a preschool to go with, there is one important question to answer. As the age range for children in preschool is from 3-6 years old, is your son or daughter ready for preschool?

What Age is Preschool for Your Child?

Here are some questions to answer that can help you determine if your child is ready to start preschool.

  • Is your child potty trained?
  • Can your child zip up their coat/pants/shoes?
  • Does he or she know how to follow simple instructions (e.g. sit down, wash your hands, etc.)?
  • Can you understand what your child is saying?
  • How well does your child react to change and transition?
  • How does he or she react to being away from you?
  • Does your child interact well with other children?

In the event you decide your child is not quite ready yet, that’s okay. It is perfectly fine to enroll your child in the following semester or even next year. The most important thing is that your child is comfortable in their learning environment and will get the most out of their preschool experience.

Trust Mansio Montessori: Keeping your Children Safe and Healthy as they Learn

We understand the importance of keeping your children healthy and safe as they learn and develop their social skills. At Mansio Montessori of Geneva, we are dedicated to preparing your toddler’s development with optimal learning environments that stimulate educational development both at home and in school. By tailoring the educational experience to each child, we inspire our students with a passion for learning.

We can assure you that we regularly monitor the most current health and safety guidelines recommended by the CDC to create the safest learning environment for your little ones. If you wish to know more about the specific measures we take to defend our preschool classroom from COVID-19, we are happy to answer any questions! If you want to explore our preschool enrollment dates or learn more about our early childhood programs and what these may look like for your child, please contact us.