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Regarding development and establishing educational foundations, the first four years of a child’s life are the most impactful. Therefore, we highly encourage enrolling your toddler in a preschool.

Are you a first-time parent who finds it difficult to decide which preschool is best to enroll your child in? Have you chosen the type of education you want your child to receive? If you are searching for a Montessori preschool in Bartlett with teachers who believe in nurturing children to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Mansio Montessori can help!

Preschool Dedicated to Montessori Education and Lifestyles

Located in Geneva, twenty-five minutes away from Bartlett, Mansio Montessori is well acquainted with preschool education and Bartlett’s charming culture. With the Bartlett Park District, Bartlett Nature Center, and Apple Orchard Park close by, we love encouraging parents to continue their Montessori learning outside the classroom!

As we care for Bartlett preschoolers, our dedicated staff provides children with a consistent and reliable education that encourages both social and academic excellence.

Implementing the Montessori Method

The methods we implement at Mansio are unique, deeply contrasting those of the traditional schooling system. During a child’s early education, we understand the value of recognizing individual strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we develop personalized curriculums and educational experiences for each student.

To best achieve this, we tailor education to each student and center our attention on a child-centered learning environment as opposed to one that is standardized. As a result, graduates from our program thrive in reading, math, development, and maturation promoting self-regulation and social consciousness.

We want to be a stark contrast to traditional schooling by investing in children beyond their ability to fill in bubbles on standardized tests. Within our multi-age classrooms, we believe there are unique learning opportunities to be found through socialization and children teaching other children in hands-on, play-focused education.

Applying the Montessori Way Since 1981

At Mansio Montessori, we continue to commit to these Montessori principles, investing in the Bartlett community and families since 1981. Our Montessori preschool program values the individual learning style and pace of each child. For parents who prioritize the same principles, we invite you to learn more about our approach and available Montessori preschool programs.

We desire to inspire a passion for learning within each child they can carry with them as they grow and mature throughout their academic careers. The preschool ages are a prime time to begin formulating habits they can carry with them into healthy, balanced adulthood.

If you want to learn more about our Montessori preschool programs and what these may look like for your child, please contact us to schedule a visit.

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