Top 5 Montessori Preschool Activities

montessori preschool activities

Montessori preschool activities benefit children in multiple avenues. Not only do they teach students about sensory development and teamwork, but Montessori activities also help build spatial reasoning skills. Want to know what some of our favorite games and activities are? Read on to discover five of our top activities guaranteed to be fun for both parents and kids!

Top 5 Montessori Preschool Activities

#1. The Name Game

This activity works best with a classroom of a handful of students and encourages fun social interactions. When playing the Name Game, one person acts as “it” while everyone else sits in a circle with their eyes closed. The “it” person taps each player on the shoulder one at a time until someone guesses their name correctly.

This Montessori preschool activity teaches children about spatial reasoning because they must remember where everyone’s name is and tap them on the shoulder to make it to their turn. Furthermore, the Name Game also helps develop teamwork skills as players can share information with one another before guessing names correctly or incorrectly.

#2. Sensory Mystery Bag

This fun preschool activity helps refine the stereognosis sense and works well as both an individual and team activity. Simply put some everyday household or classroom items in an opaque cloth bag, such as a hairbrush, star block, and toy dinosaur. Then, ask the child to identify each item using touch only.

Additionally, sensory mystery bag activities also help preschoolers develop language comprehension as they listen carefully to their classmates’ descriptions to identify the object purely by touch.

You can make this game more challenging for older preschoolers by placing items from different rooms into a bag and asking them what they find. This is an easy way of assessing which objects they are familiar with and provides an opportunity to describe what they feel.

#3. Color Scavenger Hunts

To encourage sensory development and teamwork, one color-sorting activity is a scavenger hunt game called “find the color.” This entails placing different colors of items all around your house or property and then giving your child enough time to find them.

Begin with an empty basket or tray for your child to use, explain that you are searching for items of a specific color (green, blue, yellow, etc.) and find various items around the house or classroom of that color! For best results, try putting out some colored cards, bowls, or felt so the child can easily find a few color-specific objects while playing with you.

#4. Sink or Float?

This is traditional Montessori activity allows preschoolers to learn about buoyancy and the world around them. This activity can be played outside near a pool, in the bathtub, or in a bucket of water on a desk. Preschoolers will love how great they feel when they discover that some items float while others sink!

If completing this activity on a desk with a bucket of water, begin by placing several objects of various volumes (marbles, buttons, pinecones, acorns, wooden spoon, feathers, rocks, shells, etc.) at one end of a tray or bowl and a bowl of water on the other.

Then ask preschoolers to predict whether the objects will sink or float. Next, have preschoolers slowly drop a few of the objects in and see if they are correct! Use this opportunity to explore materials that float like wood and ones that sink such as metal.

#5. Nature Trays

Montessori activities love utilizing natural items to convey a lesson. Therefore, for a nature tray activity, collect items from nature to study and to use for language work, on a tray or in a basket. Items could include acorns, pinecones, blades of grass, small twigs, leaves, seedpods, and feathers.

Then, have your preschooler use a magnifying glass to see what little details they could find in each item. This also provides a great opportunity for children to learn about natural textures and describe if something feels soft, bumpy, rough, or smooth.

Sit with your child, allow them to touch and explore each item independently, then regroup for discussion! What did they see? Did anything have a unique scent? Which items were bumpy?

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