Montessori Preschool in Elgin: 5 Spring Montessori Activities

Montessori Preschool in Elgin IL

With the sunshine on its way and the temperatures beginning to rise, now is the time to explore the outdoors and embrace the warmer weather! Are you looking for fresh ideas that encourage the Montessori method while enjoying nature? As a Montessori preschool in Elgin and the greater Elgin area, we have five spring Montessori activities that promote outdoor learning. Read on to see what they are!

Top 5 Spring Montessori Activities for Preschoolers in Elgin

Successful Montessori learning bolsters the passion for a student’s educational excellency both inside and outside the classroom. As much as a Montessori preschool in Elgin enjoys educating their students, they love it even more when families adopt the lifestyle at home and beyond!

Below are our top five Montessori activities that cater to the spring season.

cloud gazing

#1. Cloud Gazing + Creating a Cloudscape

When your little one is ready for some outdoor adventure, the sky’s the limit! One spring Montessori activity to do is to print out pictures of different clouds or borrow a book from the Gail Borden Public Library about the types of clouds, then visit a park or open field to explore what you see in the sky.

To further embrace the Montessori method, bring some blue construction paper, white cotton balls, and glue sticks for your preschooler to create their own cloudscape. Want to make an afternoon of it? Pack a picnic lunch with cauliflower and talk about how they look like small clouds!

weather forecasting

#2. Weather Forecasting

If there’s not a cloud in sight, take the opportunity to explore the world of weather forecasting! Do you think it will rain outside later? Help your child see how rainstorms are good for the grass and plants around you.

Weather forecasting could be a fun addition to your morning routine. Before breakfast, look at the window or step outside with your preschooler and talk about the current weather. Is it sunny? Does it feel warm or cool outside? Is there a breeze? Buy or craft a felt letter board with weather ornaments to help your child further embrace their Montessori learning!

rainbow scavenger hunt

#3. Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the blooming flowers and budding trees. If you’re near the Riverside Drive Promenade, go on a nature scavenger hunt to see if you can find things that make up the colors of the rainbow!

As you find items in each color group such as flowers or blades of grass, talk about how each item feels and smells. The more senses involved in an adventure, the greater learning retention capabilities it has!

elgin montessori preschool

#4. Butterfly See + Sculpt

Another beautiful element of spring is the return of colorful butterflies. If you live in or near Elgin, IL, the NENA Butterfly Garden is a must-see for the times you want to explore the different types of butterflies!

Did you know that certain plants and flowers attract butterflies? After studying the types of flora and fauna that butterflies are drawn to, introduce a sculpting craft using Play-Doh, pipe cleaners, or modeling clay for your preschooler to create a butterfly garden of their own!

Ready for the real butterflies to come? Order a live butterfly kit to journey through a caterpillar’s metamorphosis! Once grown and matured into butterfly adulthood, have a “Bye-Bye Butterfly” afternoon where you release outside near a colorful garden.

montessori nature journal

#5. Leaf + Forest Adventure

Just like people, leaves come in all shapes and sizes. With the warmer weather and sunshine encouraging trees and plants to bloom, the burst of greenery is something to make an opportunity of!

Does your child enjoy scavenger hunts and adventures? Print a Montessori nature journal or create one of your own to get started!

When you feel the afternoon lull of a long day or want to get the most out of a gorgeous day, take your preschooler on a nature walk and see if they can find any leaves or other forest elements that match the ones in their nature journal. With the Tyler Creek Forest Preserve, Burnidge Forest Preserve, and the Hawthorne Hill Nature Center nearby, you can fill the nature journal in no time!

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